Quick Preview: Blazers vs. Nets

January 15th, 2011 by ROBERT RUNYON

Hey, it’s yet another in a set of back to backs. That’s really helpful of the NBA. Anyway, the Blazers screwed up down the stretch again, like they always have, and it looks like the season is ruined again. It happened to the Cavaliers when LeBron ripped their hearts out and now it’s happening to the Blazers. This is the point where we all panic and blame everyone except the other team being able to make shots. And fortunately enough for the Nets, they get the Blazers yet again during a terrible lull. They absolutely can beat the Blazers tonight, and they’ve done it before. This losing streak may end up the most disappointing of the season. All that being said, the Blazers are a much better team than the Nets, and tonight’s game, under normal circumstances, should be a cake walk. Then again, during a cake walk, only one person wins a cake out of many people, so how easy is that? Misleading, man. Misleading.

And yes, that’s Travis Outlaw’s car.

Preview: Blazers vs. Suns

January 14th, 2011 by ROBERT RUNYON

The last time the Blazers faced the Suns, Brandon Roy had a Brandon Roy kind of night. It could be the last of his career. Single tear.

Rob’s Rundown (Image forthcoming)

Phoenix Suns coverage at Bright Side of the Sun





Steve Nash is awesome. Like a lot awesomer than you or I. He’s been especially awesome over the last few games. Goran Dragic, though? Eh, not so much.?)Save for a big performance in Minnesota, Andre Miller has been alternating between mediocre and terrible over the past few weeks. Patty’s better than Dragic, probably.




Guess who’s a little old and fat, yet is still able to throw down one awesome jam per game, yet is totally unable to win a game when it counts? Yes, Vince Carter! That was a terrible trade.Wes Money has been really bad over the last few games, save for the one in Minnesota, but should rebound nicely against the lax defense of Vince Carter.



Grant Hill has been out the last two games nursing a sore knee, but should return tonight. Jared Dudley has blossomed a bit in the absence of Turkoglu. Which makes sense, because he’s much better than the Turk.Batum is better than a hobbled Hill and Mr. Invisible Double Down. Babbitt may even see some minutes (it could be a blow out).



Both Channing Frye and Hakim Warrick have taken serious steps back in their games this season. I’d be willing to take Channing out to Fire on the Mountain after the game to console him.LaMarcus, just keep being you.



The Suns are most improved at the center position from the last time these two teams met. Instead of Earl Barron, they have Lopez and Gortat. Too bad they don’t add up to a Marcus Camby.Cambilla should be able to handle these guys with ease, but this is one matchup that could swing the other way.



Quick Preview: Blazers at Timberwolves

January 7th, 2011 by ROBERT RUNYON

Sorry, kiddies, but I’m somewhat low on the time today, as I have been ridiculously busy. Still, I’ll be damned if I have a dereliction of duty here. No rundown, but here’s a minor preview. The Blazers easily handled the Timberwolves during their last game, though that was in the Rose Garden, where the Blazers have been one of the NBA’s best home teams. Previously, the Blazers handled the Rockets on the road trip, and are looking not to let down now. If they lose tonight, that quality win in Houston means nothing.

The Blazers have an advantage in just about every position, save for Beasley, whose advantage isn’t too large over Batum, and Love, whose advantage over Aldridge, while sizable the last time the teams met, has shrunk significantly, maybe even to a standstill. It would be a significant disappointment if the Blazers lost tonight. Except if Martell were to go off for 45 points.

By the way, everyone is going to notice a bit of a change in how things look around here. We’re undergoing a bit of a renovation–some touch ups here and there, nothing too drastic. We’ve (finally) hired a company to take care of our boring techie stuff (code is a pain in the ass, truthfully) and we’re looking for a web design company and a data recovery service and we’ll be all set. Anyone got any recommendations they want to give? I just want things…spiffified. Is that a word? Spiffified?

Anyway, guys, throw whatever you have at me.

And a special message to Kevin Martin while I’m at it: please come over to the dark side. My goodness, man.

On Second Game of Back-to-Back in Texas, Blazers Execute Down the Stretch to Get the Win

January 4th, 2011 by ROBERT RUNYON

On a night when Kevin Martin scores 45 points on 18 shots and the Blazers veritably mail it in during the third quarter, the Portland Trail Blazers find a way to execute down the stretch to beat the Houston Rockets, 103-100.

Truth be told, my schedule tonight has been quite hectic. I have been driving between school , home, school and back home again, fighting the go the good fight in the streets of Portland. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I missed a significant portion of the game. I listened to some on the radio, followed ESPN game cast as I was able, and tried to follow the box score; ultimately, I can’t really report on the flow of this game.  I’m left with a watery impression of how this game began and ended.

So tonight’s recap will be very short. LaMarcus Aldridge was  a beast, once again, and essentially won the game for the Blazers. Patty Mills was able to provide maximum contribution in minimum playing time, for the second night in a row. Dante Cunningham filled in for Aldridge admirably (from what I heard from Wheels), and Andre Miller played all veterany, which is so typical, but completely awesome.

Down the stretch, perhaps willing his team not to lose, Aldridge scored 8 of his 25 points, all in the last few minutes of play. He was all, “watch me swish this jumper,” and “oh yeah, i can hook that one, huh? Watch me now!” Want to know who else found a way to step up? Rudy Fernandez. Yeah, he finished with 12 points, many of those coming in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. He also found himself dishing out assists to Aldridge and Miller down the stretch, left and right.

Thank you Rudy for showing up tonight. Rip City needs you, young man. Quit looking at those New York apartments and stick around for another season or two.

This road trip could have been bad but coming into tonight’s game,  I actually had a little faith in the Blazers. They are better than teams, and are finally playing like they recognize that fact. Aldridge, for the first time of his career, scored 25 points or more in 3 or more consecutive games. Wow, he’s finally coming into the player we’ve all been dying to see. The transformation is incredibly fun to watch.

Next up, the Blazers will take on Kevin Love and ….. yeah, that’s it, in Minnesota on Friday evening. Should be a win. Scratch that, I expect a win.